By now, most of you have taken the plunge and updated your iPhone with the latest operating system – iOS 7. Amidst of discovering updated functionality, you may not know that there are some pretty cool new features in iOS 7. Here are a few that my clients have useful.

 iPhone Control CenterThe LED Flashlight

There have been many apps that have served to turn your iPhone’s LED flash into a handy flashlight. But now, a flashlight is built right into iOS 7. Simply go to your Control Center (don’t know what that is? Read on.) and tap on the flashlight button for an intensely bright light.  The flashlight will remain on; however. So don’t forget to switch it off to prevent draining your battery.

 The Control Center

While the iPhone is intuitive for many actions, certain settings were not easy to get to in previous iOS versions. You would have to tap your way several screens into Settings to toggle certain functions on or off. With Control Center, you now have some of the most commonly used iPhone features with a single swipe of the screen.

Need to divide a restaurant bill for 6 and include tip? You will find calculator conveniently located in the Control Center. Turning WiFi or Bluetooth on or off are just as easy.

To get to the Control Center just swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen.


iPhone Share Button

iOS 7’s Share Button

AirDrop SharingAirDrop has been a feature of the Mac OS for a few years now. It allows users in the same network to share files on the fly. AirDrop is now available on recent-generation iPhones running iOS 7 and allows you to share items like contacts, photos, and notes. First, you must enable AirDrop by going to the Control Center and choosing who you would like to make yourself visible to in AirDrop. You can choose between Contacts Only or Everyone. Then from the item you would like to share, tap on the Share button. If AirDrop users are in proximity, you will see them listed. Tap on their name to proceed with the AirDrop share. (If you don’t see them appear on your AirDrop list, they may need to turn on AirDrop on their iPhone.)

As a side note, AirDrop continually looks for fellow AirDrop users, and will use more battery power. Consider turning AirDrop off if you’re not using it.

Search iPhone

You’re looking for that Word with Friends app among countless apps that you’ve downloaded over

iPhone Search featurethe years. You know it is in there, but can’t find it. What to do?!? With iOS 7’s search feature, your iPhone will locate it.

The iOS search feature has been put on steroids. Whearas the previous search feature was limited to entries such as contacts and music, the Search iPhone feature is much more robust and looks through your iPhone for music, contacts, apps, email text, and messages. To get to the Search iPhone screen, swipe down from the middle of any home screen.

Simply type the search terms, tap on the found item and you’re on your way to creating the next 50 point Word With Friends word. Calling a rarely-used phone number in your contacts? No need to tap your way to Contacts and look for the phone number. Go to the Search screen, type in a few letters of the name, and your search results will be quickly displayed.



Please check back for future blog posts, and send any questions you have about your iPhone. I will answer them in future blog posts.