Going from PC to Mac? Making the change to Mac for your business can be an overwhelming task. At Informatica, we work with small businesses with 1 – 10 employees to help them make the switch. As a Certified Apple Consultant, our trained technology team is able to assess the office needs including computers, laptops, tablets and mobile tools to help the team find the right tools for the right job.

Certain industries have been “unleashed” from the desk. One example is a Real Estate offices. There will be a mix of staff who are office focused and then the agents who switch from computer to tablets outside the office when showing properties to clients. Doctors and dentists offices are using tablets, too. They can give patients a tablet to fill out an online history form that can then be accessed by the physician in the exam room.

Ask us if we can help your small business make the change from PC to Mac. As a Certified Apple Consultant and a official Apple Sales Affiliate, we can help you design, order and set up the right products for you and your team.